Grid Connected Solar Power Plant

A grid connected or on grid or grid-tied solar power system connects your residential power or commercial power to a set of solar panels on the roof, providing free power while the sun is shining. During periods of lower power production or high demand, it switches to the utilities-backed power grid.

When excess power is produced, the bidirectional meter in the grid-tied PV system exports extra units of electricity to the grid and when the power consumption is more than the production from solar those exported units are imported to keep the power supply on. Grid-tied solar power systems provide all the benefits of solar as well as the consistency of a main power grid.

This PV system has a simple design and requires minimal maintenance, making it more cost-efficient than other PV models.

Hybrid Solar Power System

A hybrid solar system connects to your home power supply and provides clean, green electricity without the need for pure reliance on the main grid, just like a regular solar power system.

A hybrid system includes a specialised, high-performance hybrid inverter. This hybrid inverter, coupled with smart battery storage system, can seamlessly manage power flow, charging and discharging batteries at the time of power outage or at night when no power is available from solar plant. A hybrid system can have multiple power sources such as Solar, Grid, Diesel Generator, wind power and battery storage.

Smart home energy management, optimised photovoltaic power generation and built-in plug & play battery interface ensures you get the most out of your solar.

Off-Grid System

An off-grid solar power system provides everything you need to completely sever your home from the main power grid.

These systems feature large numbers of highly efficient solar panels that generate electricity during the day, powering both real-time needs and setting some power aside to charge the included set of batteries.

During periods of high demand or low power production (such as at night), appliances can draw power from batteries. It’s a Clean, green, free power, without any need for a connection to the main power grid. These systems find application in rural, remote, isolated, agricultural and semi-urban areas.

EV Charging Stations

Along with the ever-growing number of electric vehicles on the market and governments target to reduce vehicle emissions to zero latest by 2050, there is a strong need for more efficient charging solutions. Seeking the future demand of EV infrastructure, Sunpure Energy helps you to bring energy-efficient DC fast charging designs to life.

Sunpure Energy in partnership with the leading EV chargers’ suppliers in industry, procure and install the EV charging stations for various types of industries viz Commercial, Workspace, Residential, Intuitions, Retail and hospitality.