Sunpure energy is into the installation and commissioning services along with balance of system supply of large projects with developer, investors and with land owners offering full turnkey services to make sure our clients achieve maximum satisfaction out of their systems installed.

Either the developer provide all designing detail, drawings and bill of material, we will procure, install and commission plant accordingly with quality and perfection or our team will do designing of system for customer, in that case, prior to designing any Grid Connected PV system a designer shall either visit the site or arrange for a work colleague to visit the site and undertake/determine/obtain site information relating to energy usage requirement for the client, building or land. We will also determine other solar factors that can influence the system performance including the suitability of the roof or ground chosen, orientation and tilt angle of the roof if the solar array is to be roof mounted, or the incline of ground if ground mounted.

Once the available area for the solar array has been identified we will then look into whether any shading will occur and estimate its effect on the system

We will also look into more details as to how the modules will be mounted on the roof, where the inverter will be located, determine the cabling route and therefore estimate the lengths of the cable. We also look into whether monitoring panels or screens are required and determine a suitable location with the owner.