Solar Inverters

Sunpure Energy deals in solar inverter, Our solar inverter association is with Polycab and Delta inverters. We also supply Sungrow, Luminous, Waaree, Goodwee solar inverters.

Solar Panels

Sunpure Energy is into the business of trading of solar panels. We are authorised dealer of MICROSUN Solar Panels and also deals in ADANI and VIKRAM solar panels. We can offer best price for solar panels to our customers.

Flat Plate Collectors (FPC) based Solar Water Heaters

The solar radiation is absorbed by Flat Plate Collectors which consist of an insulated outer metallic box covered on the top with glass sheet. Inside there are blackened metallic absorber (selectively coated) sheets with built in channels or riser tubes to carry water. The absorber absorbs the solar radiation and transfers the heat to the flowing water.

Evacuated Tube Collectors (ETC) based Solar Water Heaters

Evacuated Tube Collector is made of double layer borosilicate glass tubes evacuated for providing insulation. The outer wall of the inner tube is coated with selective absorbing material. This helps absorption of solar radiation and transfers the heat to the water which flows through the inner tube.

Solar Water pumping system

Solar water pumping is used for solar farming to cater the water requirement for farms. It’s a standalone system so don’t require any electricity power from grid. It can be installed anywhere in fields and in farms and running on electricity generated by photovoltaic panels. The system comes with different capacities and for different type of pumps. Solar water pumping system can be with submersible pump, surface pump or open well pumps.